December 15, 2011: Occupy Sacramento march to the Capitol to celebrate the Bill of Right in the wake of the National Defense Authorization Act for 2012.

12-15-2011: The Bill of Rights is always worth celebrating, but the recent Presidential signing of the National Defense Authorization Act gave this event special meaning. The National Defense Authoraization Act expands the power of the federal government in its war on terror, allowing indefinite detention without trial of terrorist suspects. It authorizes the military to pick up American citizens anywhere in the world and imprison them without charge or trial .Whatever happened to "No person shall be deprived of life, liberty or property without due process of law?" (5th Amendment).

12-15-2011: Occupy Sacramento march to celebrate the Bill of Rights.

12-15-2011: Occupy Sacramento March to celebrate the Bill of Rights reaches the Capitol.

12-15-2011: As the Occupy "Celebrate the Bill of Rights" march reached the Capitol, police directed us not to shortcut past the North steps entrance, as another group had a permit to be there. When it was pointed out that there was actually no one on the North steps, we proceeded to take the short cut. NOTE: Occupy marches are frequently accompanied by police riding very well-trained horses. The rules for training horses (simple commands in simple circumstances lead to obedience when commands are given in more dramatic circumstances) may be what police were attempting with this maneuver....

12-15-2011: Sacramento Attorney Mark Merin noted some of the issues of the day - foreclosures, tuition increases, no safe ground for the homeless - and the need to counteract the bad public policies which led to them. He praised Occupy for calling attention to these issues and for demanding something different, citing Cesar Chavez Plaza as a good place to gather and learn. He then spoke of the First Amendment and its application to the 110 Occupiers arrested for peacefully assembling in Cesar Chavez Plaza after 11 p.m. To the City's complaint that Occupy hasn't applied for a permit, Merin says "The government can't issue a permit on free speech!" At least not according to the First Amendment....

12-15-2011: Debra Reiger, Chairwoman of the Sacramento Chapter of the ACLU holds a copy of the Bill of Rights.

12-15-2011: Brother Kevin Carter makes a connection between the "detain indefinitely without charges or trial" element of the National Defense Authorization Bill and the emergence of Occupy Wall Street as a national force for change.

12-15-2011: "The Bill of Rights gives us a platform to stand on - We've got to sustain the course!" - Brother Carter, Occupy Sacramento

12-15-2011: This speaker cited his own life in noting the gap between the political activism of the 1960/1970's and the current decade. "After the Vietnam war, people went back to raising families and stopped paying attention to what was happening in the country - it's time to wake up!"