December 6, 2011: National Day of Action to Stop and Reverse Foreclosures.

12-6-2011: Occupy Sacramento marched to Attorney General Kamila Harris' office to demand that she extend her holiday moratorium on foreclosures. California has the most foreclosures of any state, with at least 400,000 homeowners in the process of foreclosure in each year of the crisis. Nationally, there have been 5,000 foreclosures on the homes of military troops on active duty. In Sacramento during the 4th quarter of 2011, 3, 791 NODS (notices of default, the first step in foreclosure) were recorded.

12-6-2011: Speakers in front of the Dept. of Justice called for an end to foreclosures and commended Attorney General Kamila Harris for taking California out of a 50-state settlement with national banks. The settlement would have paid only pennies on the dollar and would grant banks immunity from prosecution. Attorney General Harris maintains that any settlement must include relief to the most distressed homeowners and meaningful accountability from the banks.

12-6-2011: Brother Carter speaks to the fierce urgency of now, currently being experience by more than a million Californians in foreclosure and 1/3 of Californias "under water."

12-6-2011: Occupy Sacramento marches to the banks on the National Day of Action to stop foreclosures.

12-6-2011: Occupy Sacramento marched into the Bank of America Building on Capital Mall. We marched through an atrium past some surprised local craftspersons having a Christmas sale and up to the doors of the bank. Here, Brother Carter lectured bank security on the failings of the financial system and its institutions.

12-6-2011: Bank of America is one of the Big 4 banks operating as mortgage servicers for home loans. Banks profit from foreclosures by collecting fees - late fees, foreclosure fees, inspection fees, etc. on delinquent homeowners and consequently have little incentive to help with refinancing.

12-6-2011: I'm not sure why Guy Fawkes (the guy who tried to bomb the British Parliament because of some religious issue) has become a poster boy at marches. A graphic novel "V for Vendetta" treats Guy Fawks as an anti-hero freedom fighter and this image (the original by Shepard Fairey) has been re-worked to reflect that interpretation.