November 21, 2011: Over 1,000 students, faculty and others protested on the UCD quad after UCD students were callously pepper-sprayed by campus police during a peaceful demonstration. The students were demonstrating against tuition hikes, education cuts, and recent police brutality in Berkeley against students occupying UCB.

11-21-2011: UCD students, faculty and people from as far as Redding gathered for a General Assembly on the UCD quad to protest the pepper-spraying of students. The previous week, students protesting tuition increases and police brutality at UCB occupied the Administration Building (Mrak Hall). Their eviction from Mrak led to an occupation on the quad and eventually to the infamous pepper-spraying of students engaged in a peaceful sit-in.

11-21-2011: Sacramento Central Labor Council Executive Secretary Bill Camp addressing the GA. A long time spokesman for labor unions and social justice, Bill knows how to fire up the crowd.

11-21-2011: UCD Chancellor Katehi waiting "in the stack" to address the crowd. She apologized for the pepper-spray incident but claimed not to have authorized it. An investigation of the incident was promised and the offending campus police were placed on administrative leave. Calls were made for the Chancellor's resignation. On her left is Sacramento Occupy's Brother Carter, who later kindly escorted the obviously shaken Katehi to a safe haven.