November 5, 2011: Occupy Sacramento March on the Banks

11-5-2011: The Occupy Sacramento march on the banks featured denunciations of predatory lending, home foreclosures, bank bail-outs, a financial system based on debt, and banks that are "too big to fail."

11-5-2011: At the start of the march, it was announced that we would follow the nonviolent methods of Dr. Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi. We did.

11-5-2011: Brother Carter announcing our mission as we march by Sacramento's financial institutions.

11-5-2011: An entertainment high point of the March on the Banks was music provided by Jeannie Keltner (host of Community Access Cable Channel 17 - "Soapbox" ) and an original song by a local teacher whose name I don't know. It was a song with choruses that we all could sing - we need more of that!

11-5-2011: November 5 was officially designated by Occupy Wall Street groups as Bank Transfer Day. Nationally, 610,000 people took their money out of national banks and put it in credit unions or local banks. (Sacto. Bee, 2-4-2012). Big banks downplayed it, but local credit unions claimed big jumps in membership. This photo was taken in front of the Wells Fargo Bank, where a member of the march closed her account.

11-5-2011: Marching up Capital Mall to the banks and State Capitol.

11-5-2011: "We have come to remind America of the fierce urgency of now!" (MLK "I Have a Dream"). Brother Carter spoke on this occasion of the reasons for Occupying and of our First Amendment right to occupy Cesar Chavez Plaza.