October 15, 2011: Occupy Sacramento marching through downtown to shout at the financial institutions, focusing on disparities of wealth and the bail-out of the banks.

10-15-2011: "Banks got bailed out, we got sold out!" At the time of this march, Republicans were determined to maintain the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy. How that played out: Republicans got their way on that, but had to let everyone else keep their tax break as well (at least until February 2012).

10-15-2011: "Corporations are not people!" In "Santa Clara v. Southern Pacific Railroad" (1886), the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that corporations have the same rights as persons for the purposes of the 14th Amendment. The 14th amendment says that the State can't deny to any person the equal protection of the law. The combo of this Supreme Court decision and the recent Citizens United ruling gives corporations the rights of persons and the right to make unlimited campaign contributions. How can real peope compete with corporate money? Time to organize!

10-15-2011: Ellen holding sign depicting the dependence of working people's pensions on irresponsible Wall Street gambling. Ellen was able to retire early thanks to a union contract bargained by John Borsos (NUHW shirt, walking next to his son) which guaranteed a defined benefit for retirees. Regrettably, our union was trusteed by SEIU in 2009, which will probably result in my former co-workers moving to a defined contribution pension (Employer contributes a defined amount, employee invests it and hopes their investments on Wall Street work out...).
10-15-2011: Occupy gathering on the North steps of the Capitol. Prominent are the red balloons with 99%, which refers to the top 1% in this country holding 1/3 of the wealth while everyone else (the 99%) competes for the rest. Sticklers say it's the 1% of the 1% that have it all, but the disparity remains.

10-15-2011: Jeff Kravitz, pro bono lawyer for Occupy Sacramento. More than 100 Occupiers have been arrested at Cesar Chavez Plaza for exercising their 1st Amendment right: "Congress shall make no law ... abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances." In Chavez Plaza, the right to peaceably assemble ends at 11 p.m.

10-15-2011: Police guarding the people from the people?"