October 29, 2011: Halloween and the Supreme Court decision on corporate "personhood" inspires a Zombie March through the Westfield Mall and to the State Capitol. If corporations are persons, can the Night of the Living Dead be far behind?

10-29-2011: Under our current poiltical system, it takes millions of dollars to run for public office - where can potential politicians find this much money? Ideally, campaign reform would result in neutral money provided for candidates, leaving the winner beholden to no one once they are elected. Not ideally, after the "Citizens United" Supreme Court decision, corporations contribute huge amounts and win the ear of the politician who owes them....


10-29-2011: What kind of "person" is a corporation? The Occupy Sacramento Zombie March called attention to this question. There is a national "Move to Amend " coalition dedicated to adding a 28th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution which would override Supreme Court rulings on the "personhood" of corporations. This 28th Amendment starts with "The rights protected by the Constitution are the rights of natural persons only." - movetoamend.org


10-29-2011: "Fascism is the merger of corporations and government." Only a nation of zombies would let this happen....


10-29-2011: Zombie marchers provide entertainment & enlightenment to shoppers and diners. We hope they are saying "Finally someone is protesting Wall Street! Let's run out and join them!"

10-29-2011: The Zombie march included many great signs.

10-29-2011: The Zombie March (shown here at the Capitol) was a colorful assemblage of all ages, gender variations, and walks of life.

10-29-2011: The Zombie March had no permit and was ejected from the Capitol steps. There appear to be many boundaries on the right of the People to assemble and petition their government for a redress of grievances. It's on occasions like this that you realize how city and state regulations flout the Bill of Rights.

10-29-2011: Can love prevail over corporate zombies whose fiduciary duty to their shareholders transcends all?

10-29-2011: Dan Bacher, progressive reporter and fish expert records the scene. Read Dan's articles on the Delta and other water issues.

10-29-2011: At the end of the Zombie March, lunch is served to all. Occupy Sacramento provides many meals to the homeless with whom they often share Cesar Chavez Plaza.