January 9, 2012: Sacramento March for Single Payer Healthcare: A New Orleans style funeral march to mourn those who've died from lack of health care and to promote SB810, the single payer bill authored by Senator Mark Leno.

The Single-Payer Healthcare march began at the Tower Bridge. Led by a New Orleans style jazz band and pall bearers carrying a large black coffin, it wended its way to the State Capitol for a day of oration.

Occupy Sacramento occupies the March for Single Payer Healthcare.

March for Single Payer Health Care gathers at the North Steps of the State Capitol. January 9 was Lobby Day for CaHPSA ( California Health Professionals Student Alliance) and their members left to go into the Capitol and meet with legislators on the topic of Single-Payer. Other sponsoring groups were Physicians for a National Health Program, American Medical Student Assoc., California Nurses' Assoc., Health Care for All, and Campaign for a Healthy California. Occupy Sacramento marched & occupied.

Hene Kelly, Legislative Director of the National Association of Retired Americans, labor leader, retired teacher, Woman of the Year, and much, much more. "You're going to keep me alive!" she told the sponsoring group of Health Professional students (CaHPSA).

Brother Kevin Carter of Occupy Sacramento leads a unifying chant.