JANUARY 21, 2012: Demonstration at the State Capitol on the anniversary of the Supreme Court Citizens United decision. Citizens United expanded the rights of corporate "persons," enabling them to contribute unlimited sums to political campaigns via "super pacs."

The Citizens United decision allows corporations unlimited funding of political campaigns. How does the average citizen compete on this unlevel playing field? There are several legislative proposals, one being AB1148, the California Disclose Act. AB1148 amends the Political Reform Act of 1974 and requires funders of political ads to identify themselves on the ads.

AJR22 - A bill in the California legislature sponsored by Assemblymember Bob Wieckowski and Michael Allen which instructs Congress to send to the states for ratification a Constitutional amendment overturning the Citizens United ruling and restoriing Constitutional rights to the People. (See also movetoamend.org).

Occupy Sacramento occupying the State Capitol with a specific demand. Critics sometimes opine about Occupy: "What do they want?" Well, read the sign!