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Photographs of in-the-street actions by labor and other progressive groups in and about Sacramento, CA.

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  12/5/06 The 24th annual candlelight vigil for peace at 16th and J.


  11/7/06 Charlie Brown supporters on election day - panorama.



10/3/06 Charlie Brown rally.


  5/1/06 International Workers Day, A Day Without Immigrants protest rally.


  4/26/06 Hold WAL-MART accountable rally at the Capitol.


  04/10/06 Immigration rally


  3/25/06 Cesar Chavez March


  3/18/06 San Francisco Peace March




  090505 Labor Day March and Picnic at the Capitol.


  080405 The seventh annual Salute to Labor awards dinner.


  06/30/05 "Sisters and brothers, we are in the fight of our lives!" Cathy Hackett (Associate Budget Analyst, Caltrans) Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer SEIU Local 1000 .

Thousands of State employees and their allies rally at the Capitol to protest the Governor's proposed takeaways..

  05/26/05 Did she win? After counting machine breakdowns and assorted other SNAFUs the anxiously awaited SEIU 1000/csea ballot count was completed. However subsequent examination of the results indicated a significant number of the ballots were machine read as blank and a decision was made to have a manual recount. The recount was completed

  05/25/05 A union Day of Action at the Capitol.

  5/7/05 UHW members from CHW hospitals throughout Northern California joined UHW Sutter workers in the Bay Area at a picket of Sutter-owned Alta Bates-Summit Hospital in Oakland. Sutter workers have been working without a contract for over a year.
















4/6/05 Sacramento Central Labor Council unions joined in solidarity with UNITE HERE in their struggle with Angelica Textiles.


  3/26/05 Sacramento's Cesar Chavez march and rally!


02/15/05 Standing up for social services and quality of life---Protesting Schwarzenegger's State budget and a proposed Wal-Mart.


012005 Harrumphing the inauguration.


  120104 These SEIU Local 250 Eden Medical Center workers came to the capital with several thousand other healthcaare providers from around the state to protest nurse staffing ratio changes.


  101704 Veterans march for Kerry.


  100404 Proposition 72 press conference.


  090904 Sacramento candlelight vigil at the Capitol.


  061904 Bridging the Gap! Health care for ALL!


  April 2004 Statue outside SEIU-CHW contract bargaining site, Sacramento.


  04-21-04 Lobby day at the Capital for SEIU Local 1000.


  04-01-04 New Directions for healthcare.


03-27-04 Cesar Chavez March


  02-22-04 Informational pickets at three Safeway locations in Sacramento.


02-15-04 Labor solidarity with UFCW continues at two Sacramento Safeway locations.


02-12-04 CWA workers rally at the Capital.


02-08-04 Sacramento labor comes together in support of UFCW workers.
  101103 A Salute to Labor 5th Annual Awards Dinner 100503 Arnold came to town. 093003 Sacramento Living Wage approved! 071903 Contract 2004 begins 062103 Janitors ratify contract, the strike is over! 061903 The janitors' demands gain widespread community support. 061703 Local 1877 janitors go on strike! 061103 Pilgimage for Justice. 060503 Janitors march while bargaining continues. 052903 Janitors in the streets! 052203 Janitors go to town for family healthcare! 051503 Janitors march for family healthcare. 040903 Picketing at MGH
04-01-03 Informational picket Woodland Memorial WAR! Sacramento peace activity in the streets. updated through 4/1/03 03-29-03 Cesar Chavez march. 031503 Peace rally at the Capital. 03-05-03 ACORN celebrated their 4th anniversary with a community banquet. 021503 Sacramento rallies for peace. 01-20-03 MLK March Sacramento.  01-18-03 Marching in San Francisco: MLK and anti-war... 01-09-03 Sacramento's city council learns there is widespread support for 'living wage'.
11-21-02 Unions support National Day of Action against Wal-Mart. 11-17-02 LOCKED OUT!! Candlelight vigil, Sutter Hospital, Roseville. 11-14-02 STRIKE!! Sutter Hospital, Roseville. 11-05-02 was election day but our work to support union friendly candidates began months earlier. 11-01-02 Sharon Davis visited the Sacramento Central Labor Council building and thanked labor for their vigorous support of her husband and other democratic candidates. 10-23-02 Sacramento Central Labor Council's 'A Salute to Labor' 4th annual awards dinner. John Borsos accepting organizing award for SEIU Local 250.
10-18-02 MHS techs completed bargaining at 0200 hrs. first contract ! 10-12-02 Michael Moore returned to Sacramento for a special showing of his new film "Bowling for Columbine"and spoke to a packed house. 09-02-02 Labor Day in Sacramento.
Union members participated in food preparation at Loaves and Fishes, and later had a picnic at William Land Park.
08-28-02 The UFW's ' March for the Governor's Signature' reached Sacramento on Saturday, 082402. A large rally occurred on Sunday. 08-25-02

Or thanks for lunch in Tales of a Shop Steward.
08-07-02 SEIU Local 250 members walked up the steps and into the Capitol to lobby against cuts in healthcare funding. 08-01-02 Technical bargaining unit and Local 250 began bargaining process with CHW. 06-25-02 Right to organize threatened, rally at capitol. (fotos only) 06-19-02 SactoCentral Labor Council joined SEIU Local 250 in support of fired workers Woodland, CA.
05-22-02 CHW technical unit voted overwhelmingly to join SEIU Local 250! 04-29-02 SEIU Local 250-Announcement of contract ratification 04-19-02 SEIU Local 250-CHW contract ratification vote at MGH  04-11-02/
SEIU local 250-CHW contract negotiations!
02-12-02.. Statewide informational picket by CHW employees. MGH, Sacramento. 01-18-02
SEIU delivered a letter to CHW in San Francisco.
12-13-01 December bargaining committee election fotos. 11-14-01 Sacramento's Mercy employees and SEIU local 250 prevail, WE WON.
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