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"I'm here today to prove the difference between a Commander-in-Chief and a Liar-and-Thief!" --Holly, a Muslim American comparing ex-President Clinton's crime (The Stained Blue Dress!) and Bush's crime (an unjustified war in Iraq, resulting in the destruction of a country and many thousands of deaths). Holly went on to cite numerous instances in which Republicans have caved to airline, banking and NRA lobbyists, defeating Clinton-sponsored counter-terrorism measures. Of special note was Secretary of State-to-be Condoleezza Rice's failure to remember and thus to act upon the August 2001 warning of an attack by Osama Bin Laden.


  The large crowd was dressed predominantly in black, a funereal shade befitting this unfortunate phase in our nation's history (the Bush II administration).


"On January 6, when Barbara Boxer, the only senator who stands for anything, stood up, and when the Black Caucus stood up and said "There was voting fraud in Ohio which disenfranchised tens of thousands of mostly minority voters and it's not OK!", the person who would've voted along with Barbara Boxer and who really serves the people as opposed to special interests is Grantland Johnson!"--C. Craft introduction.

Grantland Johnson, long a figure in progressive politics, (Sacramento City Council member, County Supervisor, Secretary of the California Dept. of Health and Human Services, Regional Director under Clinton in the Dept.of Health and Human Services, and currently Director of Community & Economic Development for the Sacramento Labor Council) compared two distinctly different visions of America, that of G. W. Bush and that of former President Franklin D. Roosevelt. "FDR created the social security system, and Bush wants to dismantle it. FDR wanted every American to have the blessing of health care, while Bush is content to let 45 million Americans languish without it."

"We have battles here in Sacramento that we should be fighting. We can't let the Barbara Boxer's in Congress languish by themselves--we have to lay the props for the people we elect and send to D.C. to fight our battles. We have the obligation not only to win over our neighbors, but to elect folks who will change the way business is done in our communities, so that it benefits all of us.

Offering a word of hope, Johnson quoted the Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr.:"Ultimately, when all is said and done, the arc of history bends towards justice, and justice is on our side."


  Robert Whitehead, (holding flag) is a third grade teacher who attended this event "because Bush DIDN'T win the election." Robert served as a paralegal for the legal team in Ohio and worked for election protection in Arizona and Ohio. Note the upside down U.S. flag, signifying "country in distress."



Bill Camp of the Sacramento Central Labor Council: "George Bush is an economic terrorist! He has declared war on working people in this country by denying health care and living wages. It is YOU, it is working people, who have built this country, not the giant corporations! We must challenge Bush at every step. We must protect America every day and in every neighborhood by mobilizing our power!"

And in one of many tributes heard of our favorite California Senator throughout the day: "We don't need just one Barbara Boxer-- we need 100 Barbara Boxers!"



"War is Peace, and Peace is War!" lectured Secretary of State-to-be Condoleezza "Heidi" Rice, taking time out from "her" busy schedule to attend the George Bush Coronation.

She went on to endear herself to the crowd with remarks like "9-11 was a great way to get the Middle East gravy train going!" and "The election in Iraq is going to be just as fair as anything here....!" before jetting back to D.C.


  And finally, the coronation of King George.
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