UHW Administrative VP John Borsos is well known as a great lead negotiator among the UHW members who have served on contract bargaining committees with him. "Ray Marshall's 'Report and Recommendation' is SEIU's last best and final offer." The UHW E-Board will consider the offer and make its own proposal to SEIU.


"Convalescent hospitals are the sweatshops of the healthcare industry!" One of Trustee Hearing Officer Ray Marshall's requirements for UHW is that UHW fully cooperate with the implementation of SEIU's plan to remove 65,000 Long Term Care (LTC) workers from UHW and paste them into an SEIU local headed by an Andy Stern appointee. This would not be the union these members voted to join and its leaders would not be those these members elected. This would not be union democracy....

  "Who makes the decisions in a union - what is the role of the members?" UHW develops workers as leaders and puts decision making in their hands - as elected members of bargaining teams, as shop stewards, E-Board members, etc. Member democracy is a primary goal. By contrast, SEIU focuses on organizing, making contract concessions to employers in exchange for organizing rights in other hospitals or states. Template contracts for nursing homes instead of a contract bargained by an elected bargaining team, call centers to handle grievances, SEIU appointees rather than elected leaders -- Shut out of the decision-making process, how will workers be empowered to change their lives and communities?

  Whose union is this? Our union!

  Amid rank-and-file talk of decertification and reformation of a union unaffiliated with SEIU, members vowed never to give up the right to elect their own leaders, as has happened under SEIU.

  "We are fighting not just for ourselves but for people who have not yet joined the union!! We are carrying the torch for this union and we will not let go of the light!"

  Last year, 97% of UHW LTC workers voted to stay with UHW. If merged into a different SEIU local, these workers will have no say in the by-laws or contract of their new union. Their officers will be appointed by Andy Stern. They will be unable to participate in union democracy.

  A new, inspiring U.S. President, a group of enthusiastic healthcare activists -- we ought to be working to expand affordable healthcare, not having to waste energy defending our union against SEIU vultures.

  On this day in L.A., Fresno, San Francisco, Oakland and Sacramento, UHW members met to talk about a response to Ray Marshall's "Report and Recommendations." His recommendation that UHW cooperate with the removal of the LTCs from UHW and cease to advocate for those members was a flaming arrow from out of nowhere, as the LTCs had not been the subject of the Trusteeship hearings and had nothing to do with the issues ostensibly under consideration.


If you'll recall the meetings we all had when we were first organizing a union, you may remember being told by union organizers that:

1) There's a serious problem in the healthcare industry.

2) We have a plan to solve it.

3) The problem is urgent and needs to be solved immediately.

4) Here's the plan: And the plan was to organize a healthcare workers' union. Well, I guess it's that time again....

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