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  It's UFCW now but it could be YOUR worksite next. Members of the United Food and Commercial Workers Union are four months into a strike over healthcare take-backs that reflect a growing trend toward increasing the workers' share of healthcare costs. Success in holding the line on this issue now will improve the prospects of workers in other industries throughout California. Until our country gets universal healthcare, this issue is going to be a hot contract topic for all unions.

  The Safeway store on Alhambra Blvd. was the site of an informational picket in Sacramento, CA on February 8, 2004. . More than 100 people from different unions were joined by local politicians in an impressive show of community solidarity with the embattled United Food and Commercial Workers in Southern California.

  Safeway proposes the establishment of a two-tier system with new-hires receiving minimal health care benefits, while current employees are asked to pay a greater share of a lesser health plan. The divisiveness of a two-tier system and the implication that ultimately NO health benefits will be given make Safeway's proposal impossible to accept.


  "Don't shop Safeway!" Mike,an iron worker with Local 118 in Sacramento: "The reason I am behind this picket is because I believe in healthcare and an affordable wage for workers and I don't believe that Safeway is treating their personnel right."


  City Councilmember Dave Jones walking the picket line. Dave Jones was also a strong presence when Local 1877 (Janitors) went on strike over health benefits. A great supporter of working people, Dave is currently runnning for the 9th District Assembly.

  Oops, too late! Bradley Lackey handing out flyers to Safeway shoppers. He was there with his mom, Lois, and dad, Dirk, from the Local 109 drywall workers.
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