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  "Don't shop at Safeway!" Chris Bender, Service Employees International Union 1000. "We need more healthcare for everyone, not less."


  Paul Broyles, Sheet Metal Workers Local 162, gave flyers to motorists, saying: "What Safeway is doing is immoral. They are taking healthcare away from hard-working Americans and the public must be made aware of it!" Former Safeway shoppers say the cars in the parking lot have diminished in number since the picket started, indicating that shoppers are honoring the picket line.


  Doug Bine, Local 522 Firefighters: "We are here to support our Union brothers and sisters!" Daughter Megan, almost four, also carried a sign. The healthcare issue is a family issue that affects everyone, regardless of age.


  The AFL-CIO announced on January 16th that it was developing a national strategy for the UFCW strike. More than 40 national labor unions have responded to the AFL-CIO call by pledging financial and other aid for striking workers. . The ILWU (Longshoremen) announced that it would raise $1 -2 million for healthcare benefits for workers who lost health coverage as of 1/1/04 due to the strike. Civil disobedience is also occuring, with Art Pulaski (CA Labor Federation) and Mike Garcia ( President of SEIU Local 1877, Janitors Union) being arrested (with others) at Von's in Garden Grove for blocking the store entrance. Religious, labor, and community activists are spreading the word to their communities that healthcare is on the line.


  John Borsos, Vice President, SEIU Local 250, representing healthcare workers, "We are here to support the striking Safeway and other workers in Southern California. We want people to know that if Safeway can get away with massive takeaways in Southern California, its only a matter of time before they will try to do the same in Northern California. Everybody that lives in this society deserves to have healthcare." Charlie and Anna accompanied him.
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