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  The Safeway on West Capitol Ave in West Sacramento was the site of another picket line. Paul Myers (white shirt-center), a Local 150 Teamster said: "I'm here to support Safeway employees-- to support the union philosophy."


  At the cooker, Howard Rahn, Teamsters Local 150 said: "The healthcare issue is all important-- The government doesn't seem to know how to handle it, and the employers want out of it. We have to draw the line so somebody will step up and provide for my child when he goes to the doctor. A worker can't pay a doctor out-of -pocket even with a good wage. That is a key issue! The other key issue is two tier wages: an old scale for existing employees and another scale for new employees, which is less. A job has a value which everyone should be paid. No one out here wants anything for free, just a fair day's wage for a fair day's work."


  Dave and Howard, Teamsters Local 150, provided free hot dogs, beans, chips and a beverage to activists on the line. Howard said, "If you want people to return each week, you have to make it fun!" Having fun here are Sharon Martinez, Lydia Bone, and their friend (at left), all of Local 250, the Healthcare workers' Union.


  "Everywhere we go, people want to know-- who we are, so we tell them: We are the Union! " Joe Garcia, Local 9421 in Sacramento, Communication Workers of America, with the bullhorn. "I'm out here to support my union brothers and sisters at Safeway." The Communication Workers of America are also facing healthcare take-away issues in upcoming contract negotiations with SBC (your phone company).
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