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  The UFCW fight for a contract with good healthcare benefits continues with expanding support from other unions. Though the contract dispute is in Southern California, union members everywhere understand that they will soon be fighting the same battle. In an impressive show of solidarity, the ILWU, Teamsters, SEIU, and other unions are spending their Sundays picketing Sacramento area Safeways in an effort to educate consumers about responsible shopping. That translates to "If you are a working person, you could be next to lose your healthcare benefits--don't support Safeway's healthcare take-away plans with your shopping dollars!"
  The Alhambra Safeway in Sacramento was the site once again of Sunday afternoon picketing. Potential shoppers encountered picketers on the sidewalk, leafleters in the parking lot, and leafleters at the doors. With Raleys, Bel-Air and the Sacramento Natural Foods Co-Op in the area, why would any responsible person shop at a store whose corporate owners have so little regard for employees?


  Larry Duff of SEIU 790 (School Employees in the Sacramento region) stood at Safeway's door, giving flyers to shoppers as they entered or exited the building. Taking a break from explaining to shoppers why they should shop somewhere else, Larry said "I'm here because an injury to one is an injury to all. Healthcare is essential for all workers!"


  Picketers marched across all entrances to the parking lot in an effort to remind potential Safeway shoppers to be responsible shoppers and buy elsewhere. Picketing has expanded from the Alhambra and West Sacramento Safeways to the Safeway in Elk Grove. Will "your" Safeway be next?!!! Start "not-shopping" now!



Linda Lawrence (Operating Engineers Local 3) handed flyers to entering motorists, asking that they not shop at Safeway until the Southern Californa labor dispute was settled.

"I'm here because we must take a stand as working people to protect what was so hard to achieve -- If we don't, all working people will suffer. Our presence out here will bring the situation to everybody's attention."



"Safeway, Safeway, you can't hide, We can see your greedy side!" Lois Kugelmass, (UAW Local 2350), led many of the curbside chants.

"This struggle is important to all working people. If they get away with eliminating health benefits here, they will eliminate it from all of the private and public sector!"

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