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  March 31st is labor leader Cesar Chavez' birthday and the occasion was celebrated on the previous Saturday with a march from St. Rose Church in South Sacramento to Cesar Chavez Plaza across from City Hall. This was the fourth annual Chavez march, and the occasion provided an opportunity to reflect on Cesar Chavez and on the state of the UFW and unions in general. In a time when state budget cuts threaten social programs, a unified labor movement could provide an effective and principled opposition. Cesar Chavez is no longer with us, but the organizing legacy he left remains as an inspiration and guide.

  A diverse array of community activists, students, and Union members gathered at St Rose church for the start of the march. The route retraced 5 miles of the path Cesar Chavez and the UFW marchers took once they reached Sacramento during the historic 1966 peregrination from Delano, CA, in search of farm labor rights.

  Cesar Chavez posters (printed courtesy of SEIU Local 1000) were free, as were bus passes provided by RT so that people could return to St. Rose from downtown when the march was over.


And speaking of SEIU Local 1000, here they are, demonstrating the solidarity of organized labor. J.J. Jelincik (President CSEA), Ron Landingham VP bargaining and other members of the state workers' union carry the SEIU CSEA banner.



Phil Goldvarb, has read his poem at the beginning of this and all previous Cesar Chavez Day marches.

It begins:

The Eagle Is Not Down
Written with respect for Caesar's funeral,1993.

"The eagle is not down,
he's in a different sky,
wings still moving
against the currents of injustice,
there is no death for this peaceful warrior,
he looks down on us,
his quiet fire eyes say,
tu eres mi otro yo,
you are me,
I am you,
..." --- Phil Goldvarb

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