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  Brian Tracy,(Iron Workers Local 118), carried a Chavez poster as he marched under his union banner. Brian said "Chavez importance is that he was fighting for working people. We're hoping that this march will get some people awake -- to get them to work against this administration that doesn't like working people."

  Alex Garza, SEIU Local 1000 member and co-coordinator of the Chavez Day march.

  SEIU Local 1877 (Janitors' Union) members on the march. This photo brings to mind last Spring, when Local 1877 marched through the streets and office buildings of Sacramento to bring attention to their stalled contract negotiations. They were joined then by politicians and members of other unions and were ultimately successful in gaining a contract with better health benefits.

  The police provided a protective presence for the march. Police officers are also in a union, as are firefighters and workers for most state, city and county services.
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