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  "Si se Puede" and the UFW banner leading the march.

  Beto Ruiz: "I'm originally from Delano, California, and I'm a grape baby. My grandmother walked with Cesar Chavez all the way from Delano to the State Capital. While my mother, my grandmother, my grandfather worked in the fields, I was in a grape basket being pulled around.
Things were really bad for the workers then -- bad housing, no water, no respect. Cesar Chavez meant good things for us-- rules and laws that made things better."

  State Assemblymember-to-be Dave Jones (right) on the march. Union members worked hard in Dave's campaign, recognizing his many contributions and active support of working people's issues. Good luck in November's election, Dave!


Guillermo Durgin: "Cesar Chavez represents something not only for working men and women here in the United States, but for people all around the world who believe in fairness-- that everyone should be treated with respect." Guillermo served as one of the security people for the march.

  Marching on 10th street past the State Capitol.
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