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  SEIU Local 250 Hospital Division staffmember, Morgan Gay participating in political action: "We need healthcare-- Stop the War!"


  Building Trades Unions celebrating the life and goals of Labor Leader Cesar Chavez. Represented here are the Cement Masons Local 400 and the International Brotherhood of Electrical workers.


  SEIU Local 250 organizer John Simmons and son, Ben.



CSEA Local 1000 DLC #793 president Betty Slye and Nell Ranta, CLUW activist, celebrating Labor Union Women and Cesar Chavez.

Activist Dolores Huerta was a co-founder with Cesar Chavez of the United Farmworkers' Union. Though Huerta was not here today, I will offer a quote from her: "Every moment is an organizing opportunity; every person, a potential activist; every minute a chance to change the world." (from J.Felter article, Ms. Magazine)



SEIU Local 1000 members Jeannette Gourdine and Shelila Brewer. When I asked our standard question: "Why are you here today?" Jeannette replied that "Cesar Chavez stood for the same things Martin Luther King stood for-- both fought for justice for unrepresented people of color, " and Shelila added that "It's good to remember Cesar Chavez for what he did for everybody," and how true that is.

Speaking from a Union perspective, we observed the connection between Union participation and political action in the community. Learning to get and use your Union rights at work teaches you how to act for change in the wider world.

Incidental note: We initially encountered Jeannette and Shelila at the bus stop while waiting for the #51 which would take us to Broadway and MLK for the march. It was both fun and environmentally correct to ride this bus as it stopped to pick up more Cesar Chavez marchers along its route.


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