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A year ago in April, CHW employees in a number of Northern California Hospitals including Mercy Sacramento and Woodland Clinic bargained a historic first contract with CHW. The contract brought them wage increases, free dependent health care, and a voice in workplace decisions.

Last Fall, Woodland Hospital voted for SEIU Local 250 and they, too, would like to bargain a historic first contract. Unfortunately, CHW walked away from the bargaining table on March 13. The Woodland bargaining team voiced their disapproval immediately with a 96% "yes" vote for an informational picket. The picket took place on April 1st, in high spirits under cloudy skies.


  The view a visitor would have as they neared Woodland Healthcare.


  Several people in this photograph were in bargaining for the first time themselves at this time last year. One of them has even become a field rep for the Union!


  "Our Goal-- "The Best in Quality Care" --The sign this employee of 23 years carries states a Union goal that can best be met with good staffing and wages that attract and keep well-qualified healthcare workers.


  Susan Courtney, EVS, Woodland Memorial, and her son William. "I'm here to support the union. I have seen people come (to work at Memorial) and go. A good union contract will cut down on turnover."


  Managment welcoming SEIU Local 250's Morgan Gay to Woodland Hospital.
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