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  The Union of the future!


  An informational picket lets visitors, patients, co-workers, and, of course, managment, know that there is a failure to bargain in good faith going on.


  "We want a contract-- When do we want it? Now!"



Woodland Hospital employee Maria Jenkins (Patient Reg.) is a former Teamster's Union member who signed on to the Local 250 organizing effort right at the start..

The disparity in wages and benefits between CHW hospitals in Sacramento and those in Woodland caused Maria and other employees to wonder why they were being treated like second class citizens--they were doing the same work, why should they be paid less?

As we left, Maria said "See you in Sacramento on April 9th!" a reference to the picket line Mercy General will be experiencing as a result of bad faith bargaining with the employees of Environmental Services. We greatly appreciated this evidence of Union members helping each other out.

For others who'd like to help, the informational picket will take place on Wednesday, April 9, from 11- 2 p.m. at Mercy General, 4001 J Street in Sacramento.

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