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  The view from the crowd: John Borsos answering an audience question during a question and comment session moderated by City Councilmember Dave Jones.

  Dave Jones, forum moderator and current Sacramento City Councilmember. SEIU Locals 250, 1000, 1877, ACORN, and others worked with Dave Jones over the last two years to make Sacramento a Living Wage city. Dave Jones actively supported SEIU Local 1877 (Janitors), and UFCW (United Food and Commercial Workers) in their recent contract fights and is strongly supported by these unions and other community activist groups in his run for 9th District Assembly.

  Alicia Gadis of ACORN on health care reform: "We are in the right place with the right people!" Alicia questioned the federal government's role in health care issues. John Borsos responded that the Bush administration made $20 million in Medicare budget cuts last year and was not expected to be of help. He emphasized that in terms of access to funds, the major employers in the hospital industry have money but are making the decision to use it in places other than employee training for a stable workforce.

  Chris Cabaldon, Mayor of West Sacramento lending support to SEIU Local 250's efforts to address problems in the hospital industry.

  Teri, SEIU Local 250 home health care worker, describing the problems home health workers face with looming state budget cuts. "We support all of these proposals, especially Senate Bill 2, but we in home health service need support, too. The proposed budget cuts would put a cap on Public Authority funds for home health, undermining the home health care system, and ultimately reflecting back on the hospitals."
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