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Supervisor Mariko Yamada (Yolo County): "Much of what we're hearing in tonight's sesssion shows that our real goal, in my mind, is Universal Healthcare." She added that "as a policy maker, I want to know what I can do to support you in your negotiations on this issue."

The answer from John Borsos was "We ask you to sign the letter of support for our proposals." He then noted that the SEIU healthcare workers union is the last line of defense that can say to the hospital industry: "It's not OK to make decisions based on profits over patients." "If we get into a fight with the hospital industry, with the legislature, or with the governor, we are asking that you support us, and we will support you!"

  Bill Camp, Executive Director of the Sacramento Central Labor Council, "Sisters and brothers there are 150,000 AFL CIO members in this region and the fight for Local 250 is a fight for every single one of those 150,000 working families. Your fight is our fight!
"Local 250's struggle ...is what we ought to be about as a community, what we ought to be about as neighbors..."

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  "We are a community united!" -- Dave Jones interpreting an overwhelming response from the crowd in support of SEIU 250's "New Directions for Hospital Care."


"I want to end with an expression of our common committment to stand side by side with health care workers to assure a fair contract, and to fight together in the legislature to assure a fair budget, and to work together not only on this issue but on every issue in support of working people!" "I want to thank the members of the union who devote their time not only to making your lives better, but for the good of society and the lives of all working people. You don't have to do this, but you do."

Assemblymember Steinberg has worked long and hard himself on working people's issues and his support for health care issues at this forum was greatly appreciated!

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