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Angelica laundry workers protest working conditions

  April 6, 2005: Laundry workers represented by UNITE-HERE joined other union members in protest of unsafe, unsanitary and unfair working conditions at Angelica, a corporation that does the laundry for more than 50% of the hospitals in California. The event took place at the Sutter Hospital Headquarters in Sacramento. Why Sutter? Because Sutter contracts with Angelica for laundry service and needs to know the price paid by workers and patients for Angelica's unsafe, unsanitary, and unfair practices.


  SEIU United Healthcare Workers-West employees of CHW hospitals in Sacramento gathered in support of UNITE-HERE laundry workers. As hospital workers, we are well aware of the hazardous by-products of patient care and of the cleaning standards required. In the past when hospitals did their laundry in-house, they could maintain a high standard of cleanliness, but that is lost when laundry is contracted out to cleaning corporations more interested in profit than cleanliness or patient care.


"As an SEIU worker, I want to tell you that we are also in a fight with Sutter and threatening to go on strike. You are not alone-- you have brothers and sisters all over this state!"

SEIU UHW-West sister Beverly Griffiths announced our union's support for UNITE-HERE laundry workers in their fight to gain safe working conditions and freedom from unfair labor practices. OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and the California Department of Occupational Safety and Health findings cite Angelica for "blocking emergency exits, failing to properly educate and protect workers against blood-borne diseases (HIV, Hepatitis B), failing to provide workers with adequate safety and equipment and training, improperly disposing of regulated waste, and failing to decontaminate areas where soiled linens enter the plant and are sorted." Does this sound like a place that cares about worker safety and patient care?

  Women of SEIU-UHW applauding the efforts of the UNITE-HERE drummer. Drumming, chants, and other loudness is required to get the attention of Sutter corporate officials.

  "Your fight is the fight of every working family! We will be here with you today and on May 5th! (strike date). You are the future of this nation, because it is your work that makes this nation what it is!" --Sacramento Central Labor Council Executive Secretary Bill Camp
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