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  SEIU members were broken up into constituent groups based on their state assembly person. After meeting with their assemblymember, SEIU members were invited to attend committee hearings or contact their state senator's office. All groups were asked to meet at 1130 in front of the governor's office in the hope of meeting with the governor. This was to be followed by a return to the SEIU office for lunch and a discussion of the mornings activities. Pictured here are Assemblymember Darrell Steinbergs's constituents walking up the steps of the Capitol.

  Once in Darrell Steinberg's office, our group asked to speak to Assemblymember Steinberg, or his Chief of Staff. Larry Perkins, EDD, (left) was the leader of the Steinberg constituents. To streamline the process, a speaker and a note-taker had been delegated during the SEIU Lobby Day preparation meeting.


Irma Barbosa, Dept.of General Services, (left) was our speaker. Clockwise from the left around the table are Sandra Brown, Consumer Affairs; Martha Perez, Board of Equalization; and Pamela Sease, State Funding. Standing are Steinberg staff persons, Debra Huston, Principal Consultant; Stephen Kawamura, Senior Consultant . This is assemblyman Darrell Steinberg's office conference room.

Assemblymember Steinberg was not available, but his staff persons were available to respond to our questions.

  Pamela Sease was the note taker.
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