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  The Change to Win Federation and WakeUpWalMart.com held rallys around the country as part of a campaign supporting Fair Share Health Care legislation.

  Several hundred union activists attended the morning rally at the south steps of the Capitol.


Anthony Wright, executive director of Health Access California (a consumer and labor coalition),"working for the goal of quality affordable health care for all Californians."

"Whatever health care reform we need there is a key principle that we need to fight for - that all employers must pay their fair share. We can't have some employers like Costco that are paying for employee coverage, while Wal-Mart on the other end of the scale is bringing the standards down." Eighty percent of the uninsured are in working families. They live sicker, die younger, and are one emergency away from financial ruin."

  The teamsters are a vital part of the CHANGE TO WIN coalition.


Jim Hard, President SEIU Local 1000, introduced SEIU President Andy Stern.

"He (Andy Stern) is not afraid of change and is making fundamental changes within his own union, and as a part of CHANGE TO WIN he is helping change the entire labor movement, changing America."


"Wake up Wal-Mart, wake up Wal-Mart...!"

Connie Kabeary (center), SEIU 1000, Chair of unit 11, "I'm here to try to make things better for everybody."


Andy Stern, President, SEIU.

"I flew to Minnesota to see workers in a fight at a hospital. The CEO of the hospital makes $800,000 a year, and the hospital made $66 million in profits last year.

"I talked to a worker named Cuevas. He has 4 children he is trying to provide health care for, but his plan only covers 2 children. He and his wife are debating who to cover as they can't afford to cover all the children. They are deciding who in the family is going to get health care!"

"Thats the America we are going to change!"

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