Several hundred people participated in Sacramento's "Impeach Bush" rally on Saturday, April 28th. This was a politically savvy crowd -- a group familiar with the actions of the Bush crime family through online and other alternative news sources. They came primed to wave placards, carry flags, flash the "V" for peace sign, and share the hope that this small demonstration of resistance would encourage others to voice their disapproval of the Bush administration.
What will it take to derail the Bush juggernaut?

  Redding lacked an "Impeach Bush," rally so Shasta Union High School students Brandon and Matt drove 150 miles to Sacramento to publicly express their opposition to the war. "People say our (young person) opinions don't matter, but next year we'll be voting!" observed Brandon.

  Ruth drove down from Grass Valley in order to demonstrate her opposition to the Bush administration.

  The internet alerted Corning residents Estela and Ronny (holding sign) of Sacramento's "Impeach Bush" rally. "I am tired of the deception. I want answers, I want accountability, I want a change in our government. I want Bush to be impeached!" Ronny stated, when asked why they had come out today.

  Flags, placards, banners, shouts, and honking cars provided a festive air to Sacramento's rally in support of Bush's impeachment and in opposition to the war. Among the signs were "Make levees, not war!" "Honk for Impeachment!" "$280 million/day--for what?" "Give Impeachment a chance!" "Bush & Cheney: Go to Hague!" (site of war criminals trials), "Fire the Liar!"

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