On May 2nd, MoveOn.org issued an emergency nationwide call for "Veto Rallies" to protest President Bush’s veto of legislation on Iraq war funding. The vetoed spending bill funded military operations in Afghanistan and Iraq, and called for U.S. troop withdrawal beginning October 1, 2007.

Sacramento responded with Veto rallies at several sites. At the Memorial Auditorium site on 16th and J, rally participants were encouraged by the enthusiastic honking of drivers passing by.

  Sacramento hosted the closest “MoveOn” rally for Shirley, who drove over the mountain from Truckee to add her support to the Veto protest. "I hope that the nationwide rallys wake people up to the Bush administration’s actions -- killing people, destroying resources, and creating massive deficits.”

  Congressional Republicans and conservative Democrats will continue their tepid approval of Bush administration policies until our numbers in the streets reach the critical mass needed to demonstrate overwhelming disgust. The Bush administrations "War on Terror" has proven to be a "War on the Working Class" both here and abroad.

  “We (American people) are too comfortable. If there was a draft, this war would end in a week,” Ed observed while waving a home-made foam "V-for-peace" hand. “It's time to bring the troops home!”

  Obama supporters/Placerville residents Suzanne-Marie (behind tree) and Richard have been appalled by our country’s actions. “We have no business being in a war in Iraq."

  Holding her "IMPEACH" sign and a small American flag, Kim said, “Peace is patriotic … the flag is ours too, not just the right wing's. I want to take our country back.”
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