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  The march to support the janitors took us past the Capitol and into the business district.


  At Capitol Place on 915 L Street, we made our way into the atrium of a large high-rise office building. Though the security guard (left) expressed his displeasure with our unscheduled visit, Local 1877 insisted on the right to enter and educate daytime office inhabitants about who cleans the building at night and their lack of dependent healthcare. (Spencer Building Maintenance is the cleaning contractor here).


  Local 1877 Samuel Rodriguez discussing healthcare issues with a security guard.


  One of the 7 million uninsured in California. 80% of the uninsured come from working families. It's not a question of people not working, it's a question of employers not offering healthcare and our lack of a universal healthcare system.


  How do you let building owners know that your next contract needs to have dependent healthcare in it? This very public announcement by Local 1877 and its supporters will probably reach the owners'ears via the businesses that rent this office space. The noise generated by the shouting, chanting, drums and whistles was impossible to ignore.


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