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  This building at 12th and K has the expectant air of a rocket about to launch.



  Which was not exactly what happened next, but what did occur was equally exciting. This architectural idea of having an atrium just inside a building provides a wonderful space for public outcry. How many people get to walk into their workplace and make their demands known in this loud and colorful way?


  Security at 12th and K was alert but nonviolent. (see back left). Guillermo Durgin, SEIU Local 250, foreground. The cleaning contractor for this building is Ferrari Building Maintenance.


  It's hard to explain the feeling one had as a participant here. "Having a voice in the workplace" is a reason for which people join unions, but you are not often so acutely aware of all the people that make up that voice as when they are gathered together in one place. When that "one place" is their worksite, the element of "who's got the power?" enters into the equation as well. This event was a temporary "taking possession of the building" and enabled one to imagine how it would feel to be a workplace participant instead of a wage-slave.


  Mike Garcia, President of Local 1877 addressed the crowd in the building at 12th and K, 1201 K St.


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