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  A Day of Action May 25, 2005
  Chanting "Hey, hey, ho, ho, Schwarzenegger's got to go!" nearly
15,000 nurses, prison guards, teachers, state employees, fire fighters, and
social justice activists rallied on May 25th for a Day of Action at the
steps of California's State Capitol. Arriving in buses from all over the
state, organized workers from many unions strongly expressed their
displeasure with the Governor's plan to cure the state's financial woes by
means of worker pension cuts and other take-aways.

  Older now, and married to a nurse, Country Joe Macdonald’s revised Fish Cheer spelled ‘FIRE ARNIE!” 


  Jim Hard, President, SEIU Local 1000


  Nell Ranta, pen and paper in hand, taking notes for the "People's Weekly World," a progressive newspaper with excellent labor coverage and national distribution.
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