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"ABM, escucha, Estamos en la lucha!" (ABM, listen, we are in the fight!" alternated with "Arriba la Union!" ("Up with the Union!") and other chants at a Janitors for Justice "Blood-in" on May 29th. With their contract about to expire on May 31st, Local 1877 janitors staged an illustrative "El Teatro Justicia" production in front of the Senator Hotel Building before marching to another worksite building at 12th and K Street. Continuing demonstrations will follow until a contract is won.


  With the Senator Hotel building as a backdrop, Teatro Justicia performed under a white tent (left front) and Senate Health and Human Services Committee members spoke to a crowd of Local 1877 janitors. The Senator Hotel is cleaned by members of Local 1877.


  Central Labor Council executive secretary Bill Camp and Local 1877 Union President Mike Garcia awaiting their turn to speak.


  El Teatro Justicia in performance. The plot illustrated what happens to uninsured children when they are sick or injured, which is that their parents seek medical care for them but are often denied care or forced to pay huge bills.


  State Senator Deborah Ortiz, Senate Health and Human Services Committee Chair, spoke in support of the janitors' efforts to win family health care in their contract. An advocate of legislation that would provide healthcare for all Californians, Senator Ortiz emphasized that the Legislature can't do it all, and called upon private industry to provide health care for workers and their families. "If your employers value your work, they should provide family healthcare!" Viva Deborah Ortiz!
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