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email in the streets of sacramento dillingertoons


  Local 1877 staffer Samuel Rodriguez leading the chants accompanied by Carlos Urrutia on drums. That is Local 1877 staffer Liz Lee (upper right) providing photography.


  Marching on the Capitol Mall lawn. "Reward Work" one sign advises. If our society wants people to work, we should provide living wages and health benefits for people who do it.


  Ultimately, universal health care will come from grassroots pressure on the Capitol, but until then, we need health care benefits from our employers.


  Unions Unite! Dancing broke out on the Capitol Mall lawn when drums and chanting became impossible to resist. Locals 1877 and 250 represented here.


  Air-broom being played by this Local 1877 member who drove from San Jose to Sacramento in support of janitors here. Janitors in San Jose recently won dependent healthcare in their contract.


  "LA UNION ESTA PRESENTE!" (The Union is here!)
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