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"Peregrinacion" -- a pilgrimage, a journey of exalted purpose or moral significance.

A Peregrinacion for Justice occurred on June11, as Local 1877 janitors took to the streets of Sacramento once again as part of a continuing effort to win family healthcare benefits in their contract. Is there an injustice going on? We say it's an injustice when the same building owners and maintenance contractors that provide family healthcare to janitors in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose, San Francisco, and other California cities won't pay for it here. Although Sacramento has the strongest real estate market in California, its janitors earn 40% less than in other major cities. Do cleaning contractors in Sacramento require 40% less work from janitors in Sacramento? We have heard nothing of it. For building owners and contractors to pay janitors less than they do in other cities and to deny them family health care that they provide in other cities is an injustice.


  The Peregrinacion started at Southside Park on T and 8th and continued up 10th Street to the Capitol. The final destination was a contract settlement which Local 1877 hoped to reach at the bargaining site at the Clarion Hotel on 16th and H Street. Here a vigil would occur through the night in an effort to reach settlement.


  The janitors marched 2 x 2 on the sidewalks but expanded to fill available space along the route. Drums and chants called attention to the event, drawing many office workers and restaurant customers to their windows to view the goings on.


  Nearing the Capitol on 10 Street.


  Reaching the Capitol, where a Senator would later tell us "Let your voices be heard!" Flyers announcing the purpose of this event were distributed to passersby.


  A large contingent of janitors from Local 1877 in Los Angeles joined the peregrinacion. Janitors in LA and other cities won family health care benefits in contracts earlier this year. It was a great show of support to have the LA janitors here!


  Luis Vides is one of the marchers from L.A. As a member of the bargaining committee for the Local 1877 contract there, he described the importance of having building owners present at the bargaining table. Building owners need to know how the money they pay cleaning contractors trickles down to the people who actually do the work.



  "Family Medical Care for All." If building owners and cleaning contractors don't like paying family health benefits, they should start lobbying for universal healthcare so they could share the cost.
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