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  Labor activists from other unions supported Local 1877 by participating in the picket line. Local 250 members Sharon Martinez (shop steward, Mercy General Hospital) and Sherri Macias (Chief Shop Steward, Mercy San Juan) are part of their union's political action committee.


  As night fell, janitors marched in a circuitous route from L Street to J past the buildings in which they usually work. At L and 7th street, a blockade was created by a continuous loop of marchers through the intersection. As often with Local 1877, one is reminded that The People could have the power, if only they would organize and choose to take it. For about 15 minutes on June 17th, The People took power at L Street and 7th.


  "Janitors' Rights" or anyone's rights--- what are they? For workers, the National Labor Relations Board has defined your rights, and the California Labor Code specifies some, and your Union contract determines some more. But, as we all know, rights don't mean much unless you insist on exercising them. Local 1877 is exercising their rights.


  The blockade at 7th and L Streets drew attention from the Sacramento police. Though lights flashed and riot control gear was present, the police (who belong to a union themselves) were remarkably restrained. The president of Local 1877 was knocked down by an angry motorist, but he and the other marchers continued undeterred.


  Local 1877 Union President Mike Garcia proceeding undaunted after altercation with motorist.


  Marching past the State Capitol on the way to other office buildings.
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