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email in the streets of sacramento dillingertoons


  "Your fight is OUR fight!-- your fight is the fight of the hotel and restaurant workers; it's the fight of the CWA (communications workers); it's the fight of Local 250 (healthcare workers), and the teamsters, and the electrical workers and the State workers (CSEA)! Your struggle is all of our struggle!" -Bill Camp, Sacramento Central Labor Council.


  Local 1877 in front backed by Local 250 (healthcare workers) Don Stone, Morgan Gay, John Borsos, Sharon Martinez, and Ellen Dillinger.


  "State employees support the janitors! We know every family needs health care! We have learned so much from the janitors in this campaign- we can't thank you enough for what you have done!"---Jim Hard, Director/Civil Service Division Local 1000. (State workers).


  A surprise guest, former Sacramento Chief of Police Arturo Venegas speaking in support of the janitors. "Chilled out" was the term used for the police presence on this evening's occasion, and maybe Arturo Venegas played a part in making that happen. It was appreciated!
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