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  Assemblymember Sally Lieber spoke of her pleasure at seeing so many women here, working for justice in the workplace. Introducing a young girl in the crowd, she reminded us of the future all were fighting for. Telling the janitors that they gave inspiration to legislators at the Capitol, she expressed the hope that building owners and maintenance contractors would be moved from stone to having a human heart on this issue.


  "We have a saying in our union: When you take one of us on, you take ALL of us on!" --John Borsos, Local 250 joining other unions in support of Local 1877.


  "Huelga! (Strike!). Rolling strikes will continue in Sacramento and Rancho Cordova until negotiations provide a satisfactory contract settlement.


  The speeches ended with enspiriting works by this young janitor on strike.


  Group photo of Local 250 members and staffers in support of Local 1877. Local 250's Hospital, Kaiser, and Political Action elements represented here.


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