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  At the 5 pm press conference (300 Capital Mall)......


  "Californians have already had to tighten their belts in the current economy--Going without family healthcare is one more burden workers shouldn't have to bear!"-- State Controller Steve Westley speaking in support of janitors at the Emerald Building on Thursday afternoon. Westley announced that 52% of the building's tenants (including himself) had temporarily moved out, honoring the janitors' picket line in front of the building.


  Steve Westley and Local 1877 President Mike Garcia. Those of us who phonebanked for Steve Westley during the last election were glad we did.


  This is who the family healthcare is for.


  Sonia Sharwood, Local 1877 strike organizer and shop steward at the Emerald Building (300 Capitol Mall). Sonia has led chants and marches tirelessly day and night since the strike began.
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