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  NO! To contract takeaways
  Threatened with a 14% cut in pay and benefits, thousands of state workers from all over California gathered at the Capitol for a noon protest rally. They came from as far away as San Diego, riding buses through the night to arrive in Sacramento to join others in shouting NO! to contract takeaways. The takeaways would average about $6000/worker annually and are part of Governor Schwarzenegger's scheme to break the unions and decrease state services.

  State workers arrived early for the rally at the the south steps of the Capitol.

  Dancers were part of the entertainment.

  "He (Governor Scwarzenegger) is trying to take away your benefits, take away your holidays, take away your healthcare! We have the 2nd lowest ratio of State employees to general population in this country; we are 49th! For the politicians, that's 49th out of 50 states! That means either Alabama or Mississippi is kicking our butts!" --Will Durst

  It was a one hundred degree day. Bottled water was provided, straw hats advised.
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