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"One Union, One Voice, One Fight!"

In the year 2004, over 50,000 SEIU healthcare workers at more than 95 facilities in California, Oregon, and Washington will be bargaining a new contract. Most of these facilities won union representation and their first contract fairly recently, and almost all contracts were bargained individually. In 2004, the goal is to achieve a region-wide master contract with a common expiration date and major improvements in job security, wages, and benefits. We got good first-time contracts, but living with them has revealed that there is more to be done!

To make this happen, SEIU healthcare workers from around the state,belonging to Locals 250, 399, 49, 616, and 121 met on July 19 in Oakland, California to discuss key issues such as Patient Care/Health and Safety, Retirement /Retiree Health Insurance,Union Rights, and Universal Health Care Access. With these and other goals in mind, the SEIU Western Region 2004 contract campaign has begun!

  Arrival and sign-up at the Contract Conference. SEIU Local 250 Chief Shop Stewards Sherri Macias (signing in) and Chris Kurpies (with shades) have just arrived via bus from Sacramento.


  The Woodland Memorial Hospital and Clinic contingent. Woodland Clinic joined MHS hospital employees in Sacramento to bargain a first contract in 2002. A year later in 2003, Woodland Hospital won a contract after a dramatic 1/2 hour strike.


  A conference room full of SEIU healthcare workers.
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