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  'Arnold is a sexual predator!'

"Arnold is a sexual predator" was one among many opinions pressed upon Arnold supporters as they passed through the lines of demonstrators surrounding the official rally site at the State Capitol. A temporary fence had been erected to separate the rally site from ordinary people. Colored wrist bands were used to identify and admit only Arnold's faithful through the fence's red, white and blue arches.

This was an extravagant affair, but apparently just another scene in a well-scripted and expensive campaign. The closely-packed faithful were unpaid extras in this day's media event, which also included a rock and roll band, clouds of red, white and blue confetti, an ocean of "Join Arnold" placards, and of course, the star, Arnold.

Our protesting voices and expressions of concern for women and our State, went unnoticed by the legions of media representatives following the Arnold juggernaut.

As a friend said, "This is scary."


  Several hundred demonstrators announced their own choice for governor. Immediately prior to his arrival, security forces swept these demonstrators from his path.


  Only Arnold supporters wearing colored wrist bands were allowed through the red, white, and blue arches and into the spectator area near the Capitol (and the media). Temporary fences were erected to bar other spectators.


  However, just outside the fences, loud alternative opinions were being passionately voiced.


  Tempers sometimes flared when passionately held ideas collided.
Labor and especially SEIU Local 250 activists were visible in the line of opposition along the fence.
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