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Carrying her broom (a symbol for "sweeping them out"), this Arnold supporter shouted, "Arnold, Arnold, ..."as she passed before the line of protestors who were shouting, 'Hey Arnold, what do you say, how many women have you groped today?' The official count of women coming forward and complaining of Arnold's possibly criminal behavior was up to 15 on Sunday.


  Assemblymember Darrell Steinberg and SEIU Local 250 VP John Borsos added their voices of dissent.


  Josie Summers, a fiery SEIU Local 250 field rep, was escorted from the crowd after a sharp exchange of words (and more?) with an Arnold supporter. Josie could be heard complaining that it was the other woman who started it.


  This was about as close as the unapproved spectators could get to Arnold, who was speaking next to the blue sign in the distance.



Local labor activists at the corner of 10th & N Streets addressed the passing crowd, repeatedly reminding them that, 'Arnold is a sexual predator!', and sometimes adding, 'If you don't know what that is, ask your parents!"

Another protestor passed through the crowd asking female Arnold supporters if it would be all right if he felt their breasts. One woman replied, '"You are not Arnold!"



Jane Thompson was a volunteer for Arianna's former campaign. She observed that Arianna's run for governor was never a megalomaniacal endeavor, like Arnold's. " We're still trying to get her message out: "No on recall, No on Arnold, No on 54, and Yes on clean elections."


  After the rally Arnold's caravan drove through a crowd whose shouts and signs reflected a diversity of opinion that earlier had not been allowed near the candidate.
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