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  Contract bargaining sessions between SEIU Local 250 and CHW for the technical unit started during August and took place in the Union hall on Elvas Ave. In September, bargaining moved to the Hilton Hotel, with the Union in one room and the CHW bargaining team in another. The CHW team made its appearance in our room at intervals, occupying one end of the table as they presented their proposals or listened to ours, then returned to their room to caucus. Their opening proposal was the Service contract, but that's not how it ended.....In this photo, the techs listen as John Borsos lays out a possible strategy.


  A triumphant moment during the October 17/18th bargaining session: Edna announcing a Local 250 Union election victory at Woodland Hospital. Out of 196 Woodland Hospital employees, 84 voted "yes" and 78 "no" in a very close election. Edna was on Union leave to (among other things) help run the Woodland campaign and had been up since 4 a.m. for the election. This photo contrasts Barbara Curry, (smiling to the right of Edna) who works the graveyard shift at MGH and is used to these late hours, with other employees such as Steve Beck (to the left of Edna) who has worked a full day, and Josie Summers (foreground),who has worked non-stop since becoming Union field representative for Mercy General and Methodist Hospitals.


  John Borsos explaining a mathematical possibility. During bargaining, contractual ways to solve workplace problems are discussed, agreed upon, and then presented as proposals to CHW. CHW then considers the proposal and either accepts it or presents an alternative or an amendment to what we have proposed.


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