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  Mike Machado, California State Senator and Vietnam era Veteran, U.S. Navy.


  "No more Bush! No more Bush! No more Bush! No more Bush!"


  The November 2004 election is believed by many to be the most significant election in our lifetime. Do we elect an ethical, intelligent, educated person to lead us in these perilous times or do we continue with Alfred E. Neumann?


  The Veterans march ended at Democratic Headquarters on J Street for food and further inspiration and instruction.


  Vietnam veteran Sam Catalano, Sacramento Democratic committee campaign director, welcomed the marchers. Food, entertainment, and plenty of political talk were available.


  Juan in a Million and our own SCDCC volunteers provided food for all the marchers.



Wearing political T-shirts and buttons provides an interesting conversational gambit and can generate instant friends or adversaries. There are many buttons to choose from in this election season, and they were on display at Democratic Headquarters.

On a different level of action, Jan Brown, a nurse and U.S. Air Force veteran, announced during the Veterans' event at the Capitol that a local T.V. station, KOVR (channel 13), will be showing a "documentary" that attempts to smear John Kerry. Sinclair Broadcasting, a rightwing company, has ordered its stations to air the film in the week before the election. Jan Brown requested that Kerry supporters call or e-mail KOVR, demanding that they can this film. We should also call KOVR advertisers, alerting them that we will no longer buy their products if they do not remove their ads from this anti-Kerry campaign smear.

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