Is this man intimidated? The police presence was large, but not disruptive.

  The start of the Anti-War March to Dolores Park in San Francisco.

  There were many groups represented in the march, associated by union, religion, nationality, political party or just "mad as hell and not going to take it anymore."

  American Indians led the march, beating a drum and chanting. Once we reached Dolores Park, AIM leader Dennis Banks reminded us that Indians were among the first to experience the downside of the U.S. empire.

  The San Francisco march included a mass Die-In. For three minutes, those who wished to participate in the event lay down in the street and were silent. Lying on one's back provided a good opportunity to contemplate the sky, which on this day was brilliant blue with soft white clouds. In the silence, one could imagine what Ultimate Peace would be like, or what it would be like to be flattened by a bomb, but in the friendly atmosphere of this group, there was none of the terror and chaos such an occurrence would bring.

  "The 9/11 report is full of holes!" Building 7, anyone?

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