Lt. Col. Charlie Brown: Campaign for Congress from the 4th district.


Throughout October, we walked Roseville precincts as volunteers for Charlie Brown. Running against an entrenched incumbent with seemingly limitless campaign funds, Charlie's supporters knew it was a long shot, but we took heart as the gap in poll results narrowed.

An October 23rd Tahoe Daily Tribune editorial endorsing Charlie concluded with, "Despite the glib picture Mr. Doolittle likes to paint out of desperation, this Congressional race is not between liberals and conservatives. In fact, politics isn't really what's at stake. This election is about right vs. wrong, abuse of power, leading with integrity, protecting the earth, protecting the country and living within our means. For that Charlie Brown has our vote on Nov. 7."

Not enough people in the 4th District agreed with this assessment, and Charlie narrowly lost.

  Election night: Phone banking continued at Brown campaign headquarters until the polls closed.

  SEIU United Healthcare Workers volunteers walked precincts and phone banked for Charlie Brown.

  On election night, the Brown campaign party celebrated hard work and a worthy candidate at the Roseville Opera House. Charlie had just introduced his family to an appreciative crowd.

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