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  What it looked like rounding the curve to Sutter Roseville Hospital....Spirit, resolve, and determination!

  John Simmons, highly regarded field rep for SEIU Local 250 at Sutter Roseville. He probably hasn't slept for days, and deserves this lunch.

  "We put patients first!" is an important thought. Outrage over declines in patient care when insufficient staff is provided has caused many healthcare employees to leave or do what they could to change the situation. In this case, they are in a healthcare workers' union and are fighting to make it work.

  Teresa Burnett, 11 years in dietary, and Debbie Tobar, 13 years in dietary, speaking with John Borsos, SEIU Local 250 VP, of the events of the day. Later Teresa and Debbie agreed that they wanted a good contract with improved benefits.

  Lily Rayhorst works in Sterile Processing and is on the bargaining committee. She said that better patient care was her priority issue and thought it could be gained by competitive wages and staffing levels. "People keep leaving and we're always short!"


John Simmons, John Borsos and Sue Fendley, Local 250 staff. They are the organizers, bargainers and troubleshooters behind all this, and have probably been up since last week. Each strategy and change of strategy requires much calling and arranging for others to call, which starts early and ends late.

As with all things Union, it takes the input and cooperation of everyone to succeed in this kind of action. It's inspiring stuff, but it requires great confidence that union organizers are right and union co-workers will rise to the occasion and stay strong. It looks like today at Sutter Roseville, everyone did!


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