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  Sunday night, November 17th: Sutter Roseville Hospital responded to SEIU Local 250 healthcare workers' one day strike (see photos, 11/14) by locking employees out of the workplace for five days. Sutter claimed that the "substitutes" it hired to replace workers for the 1 day strike would only work in 5 day increments.....If true, it's interesting that strike-breakers are given what they want, while regular employees are denied. Where's the reward for sticking with the hospital and not bailing like the 400 employees who've left over the past three years in response to Sutter Roseville's low pay and understaffing?

Sutter-Roseville healthcare workers responded to the lock-out with a candlelight vigil. Here they are, walking to the hospital entrance from the main intersection of East Roseville Parkway and North Sunrise Avenue.

If you look up "vigil" in the dictionary, it says" a watch kept during normal sleeping hours." This one started at 1730 hours and lasted for about an hour, NOT during normal sleeping hours, so I guess the other definition of vigil is the correct one here, referring to ritual devotions. Walking quietly through the night with a large group of people who share the same vision and carry candles, a symbol of light in a dark world,creates a strong sense of unity and purpose.

  Sutter Roseville earned 40 million last year, despite multiple lawsuits by patients at the hospital. In the past three years, nearly 400 employees have left Sutter Roseville for better pay and working conditions at other hospitals. Teamwork is important in health care, but how can you achieve it when the team is constantly changing?

  View of the candlelight vigil from the entrance of Sutter Roseville.

  At the entrance to Sutter Roseville Hospital, Bruce (Radiology) addresses fellow employees on this very inspiring occasion. There is a national shortage of radiologic technologists, and if you work in a low-paying hospital, the rad techs that exist will not be flocking to your hospital. This means that the Radiology Dept. will be seriously understaffed, or staffed with travellers, with resulting loss of teamwork and morale. Is this good for patient care? We don't think so.


Who are these candlelight vigilers? As you see, it is healthcare workers and their families. One of the benefits of a Local 250 contract at CHW and Kaiser is fully-paid healthcare benefits for dependents. That's what these employees want at Sutter Roseville.

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