November 22, 2009: Protest Proposition 8 in Sacramento
  The electoral victory of Prop. 8 on November 4th added an amendment to the California Constitution that defines marriage as being between a man & a woman, denying the right of same-sex marriage. The California Supreme Court agreed to consider a challenge to Prop. 8, but in the meantime, opponents of the amendment are protesting throughout the state and nationally.

  Following an encirclement of the Capitol by Dykes on Bikes, nearly 5000 protestors massed at the Capitol for an afternoon rally.

  Gathering on the west Capitol steps, where speeches ranged from angry to inspirational in support of the right of same-sex couples to marry.

  "Whatever happened to democracy? ---Everything equal and fair..." Comedian Margaret Cho entertained the crowd with an original composition critical of the Mormons who strongly backed Prop. 8. Whatever happened to polygamy?

  Speakers reminded the group that Prop. 8 was just one battle in a larger war. The CA Supreme Court has called for parties challenging the amendment to submit written arguments by January 21, intending a June decision on the issue of whether Prop. 8 improperly revised the state constitution.

  "If the ban on marriage equality was unconstitutional in May, the ban will also be unconstitutional when the Supreme Court makes its decision in January!" --Darrell Steinberg, Senate President Pro Tem-elect.

  Community and religious leaders are among those supporting the right to same-sex marriage. "This is about equality" signs reflect one of the themes of the day.

  Circulating through the crowd were stickers proclaiming December 10th as a "National Day without Gay," sponsored by EqualityActionNow.org. "I'm calling in gay on December 10th-- I feel a little queer." is a suggested statement for participants.

  "People came in planes and on skateboards..." Our downstairs neighbor & friends attending the rally as "straight without hate" supporters of equal rights.
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